Low Yellow Belt One-Steps

“Open” means both partners have mirrored stances (e.g. if one partner is in left stance, the other is in right stance)

“Closed” means both partners have the same foot forward (e.g. both have right foot forward).

Stepping “outside” means stepping toward the attacker’s back.

Stepping “inside” means stepping toward the attacker’s front.

For these one-steps, attacker’s part is always to step forward into front hand punch.

Number 1

Defender knocks away punch with same side front kick, then delivers a front kick with the other leg.

Land in front after delivering second kick into front stance and deliver low punch then high punch.

Techniques alternate sides (e.g. left kick, right kick, left punch, right punch).

Number 2

Defender deflects punch away with closed inside crescent kick (if attacker is punching with right hand, defender kicks it away with right foot).

Put foot down in front, then deliver front-leg side kick to the torso.

Put foot down then pick up back foot to turn around to put back to opponent. Elbow strike, backfist.

Number 3

Defender steps forward into closed back stance, blocking with an outforearm block that pushes the punch across the attacker’s body.

Back-hand/front-hand punch combo to the ribs.

Front leg roundhouse kick to the torso. Land back in front of attacker.

Knife hand strike to back of the neck.

Number 4

Defender delivers a “surprise” front kick before attacker finishes punch. If attacker is punching with right hand, defender kicks with right foot.

Land in riding stance and deflect punch with front block. Use the hand on the same side as the kick.

Using the same hand, backfist to the head.

Number 5

Defender steps forward into open riding stance on attacker’s outside; palm block.

Two punches to the ribs and one punch to the head.

Back-leg roundhouse to the torso. Land behind attacker.

Backfist to back of the head.