Head Instructor Ernest Le

A 3rd Dan Black Belt, Ernest has been with the Hopkins Taekwondo Club since 2012 and became the Head Instructor in 2017.

As a child, Ernest took a few years of karate classes, but he did not begin serious martial arts study until he entered college. Since then, he has accumulated 6 years of training in Uechi-Ryu Karate, 4 years of Aikido, and a year each of Battojutsu and Capoeira. Ernest has also had formal training in Escrima and Tai Chi. He brings all of this experience to the study of Taekwondo in order to give students a well-rounded experience and push them to outside perspectives.

Ernest received his Master of Public Policy from Johns Hopkins in 2013 and in his professional life, he is a policy analyst for the Maryland Department of Health. When he’s not working or teaching Taekwondo, Ernest enjoys baking, training, and studiously avoiding Snapchat.

Assistant Instructor David Holland

David is a 2nd Dan Black Belt who joined the club in 2011. Although he had taken some Taekwondo classes when he was young, the Club was his first serious experience in martial arts. With Hopkins Taekwondo, David began as a white belt and climbed all the way up to his current rank.

David earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins in 2017, and his dissertation focused on protein expression and misinteractions. He’s still getting used to the idea of people calling him “Doctor.”

When he’s not doing Taekwondo or his academic work, David enjoys playing tabletop RPGs with the Hopkins Pen and Paper Gaming Club.

Grandmaster Tae Sun Kang

Grandmaster Kang was the founder of the Hopkins Taekwondo Club in 1989. A student of Taekwondo for all his life, Grandmaster Kang traces his lineage back to the origins of the art of Taekwondo itself. His father Suh Chong Kang was a student at the Chung Do Kwan, the very first school of Taekwondo in Korea.

Grandmaster Kang was promoted to 9th Dan Black Belt in 2007 and runs a network of Taekwondo schools based out of New York City. However, he still makes time to travel to Johns Hopkins to teach seminars, and all of the students of Hopkins Taekwondo receive their black belts after undergoing testing personally administered by Grandmaster Kang.

Club Officers

President: Santiago Balza

Vice-President: Victor Wang

Treasurer: Adam Polevoy

Secretary: Harris Malik