Low Brown Belt Knife Defenses

Partners start out facing each other with feet side by side. Attacker steps forward with each attack.

Knife Defenses

Attack Defense
1 Swing knife downward and diagonally 1.     Step to attacker’s outside

2.    Roundhouse kick to the knee

2 Swing knife horizontally across the abdomen 1.     Slide backwards with both feet while pushing down with both hands to protect

2.    Front kick to the knee

3 Stab towards the mid-section 1.    Step to attacker’s outside while palm-blocking

2.    Side kick to the knee

4 Place one hand on defender’s shoulder from behind while pressing point of knife with the other hand into defender’s back 1.     Step forward away from knife

2.    Turn and side kick backwards into attacker with non-stepping foot

5 Swing diagonally down with knife held in reverse-grip, pointing down like an ice pick 1.    Step away and to attacker’s inside

2.    Side kick to attacker’s knee