Low Red Belt Knife Defenses

Partners start out facing each other with feet side by side. Attacker steps forward with each attack.

Knife Defenses

Attack Defense
1 Swing knife downward and diagonally 1.     Step in and block with open high block on mirror side

2.    Wrap other arm around attacker’s elbow and bend attacker’s arm backwards

3.    Walk forwards to force attacker to bend over backwards

2 Swing knife horizontally across the abdomen 1.     Block attack with outside crescent kick

2.    Ridgehand strike with other hand

3.    Punch

3 Stab towards the mid-section 1.    inside and deflect with circle block

2.    Side kick to knee (driving attacker down to kneeling)

3.    Axe kick to attacker’s head

4 Wrap arm around attacker’s neck and hold knife against neck 1.    Use both hands to grab attacker’s hand and knife

2.    Jerk down and slip backwards under attacker’s arm, twisting to force attacker to bend over

3.    Kick to face

5 Swing diagonally down with knife held in reverse-grip, pointing down like an ice pick 1.     Step in with high cross block

2.    Grab attacking arm with one hand

3.    Front kick to knee