Low Green Belt One-Steps

“Open” means both partners have mirrored stances (e.g. if one partner is in left stance, the other is in right stance)

“Closed” means both partners have the same foot forward (e.g. both have right foot forward).

Stepping “outside” means stepping toward the attacker’s back.

Stepping “inside” means stepping toward the attacker’s front.

These are performed with both partners facing each other (except #5) with feet shoulder-width apart

One Steps

Attack Defense
1 Grab defender’s shoulder with one hand 1.     Grab attacker’s hand on your shoulder with the mirror-side hand.

2.     With other hand, strike across and under to break attacker’s elbow.

3.     Using the same hand, elbow to the attacker’s ribs.

4.     Turn until back is toward attacker and then elbow backwards with other arm.

2 Grab lapels with two hands. 1.     Step back into front stance.

2.     Double high block upward to break the grab.

3.     Back leg front kick to the knee. Land forward.

4.     Back hand palm strike to the nose.

3 Grab defender’s shoulder with one hand. 1.     Grab attacker’s hand on your shoulder with opposite hand across body.

2.     Place mirror-side hand underneath attacker’s elbow.

3.     Turn and flip attacker’s arm over, forcing attacker to bend over (armbar).

4.     Use leg further away from opponent to deliver a front kick to the face.

4 Grab both shoulders with both hands (simulating a throat grab) 1.     Wedging block inside attacker’s arms to separate them.

2.     Grab attacker’s shoulders.

3.     Jerk down to force attacker to bend over.

4.     Deliver a knee strike with either leg to the body.

5 Grab behind defender, wrap arms around the mid-section in a bear hug. 1.     Drop downward into riding stance while performing a double high block in order to get under the grab.

2.     Deliver two backwards elbow strikes first on one side then the other into attacker’s ribs.