High Blue Belt Techniques and Exercises

“Open” means both partners have mirrored stances (e.g. if one partner is in left stance, the other is in right stance)

“Closed” means both partners have the same foot forward (e.g. both have right foot forward).

Stepping “outside” means stepping toward the attacker’s back.

Stepping “inside” means stepping toward the attacker’s front.


Both partners begin in closed stance. Attacker performs the attacking technique. Defender performs the defense and then the counter. Generally, the attack is a sliding kick and the defense is a step back and counter. Attacker jump switches and then both partners perform their roles on the other side.  Then the former defender goes on the attack.

Attack Defense Counter
1 Sliding front kick Step back and to the open side; low block Back-hand punch
2 Sliding roundhouse kick Step back and to the open side; double-forearm block Front-leg front kick
3 Sliding side kick Slide back back and to the outside Front-leg outside crescent kick
4 Sliding hook kick Slide back and to the outside Front-leg hook kick


Begins immediately after the end of Techniques. Partner 1 performs two attacks in a row which Partner 2 defends against. Partner 2 then immediately performs the two attacks back. There are five sets of attacks in total, each consisting of two kicks. Exercises end with an exchange of two punches.

Attack Defense
1 Back leg front kick; back leg roundhouse Low block; double-forearm block
2 Back leg side kick; turning side kick Sweeping low block; sweeping low block
3 Inside crescent kick; turning hook kick Step back and duck; step back and duck
4 Sliding front kick; sliding roundhouse Slide back low block; slide back double-forearm block
5 Sliding side kick; sliding hook kick Slide sweeping low block; slide back and duck